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Empty and Derelict Buildings and Sites


Our long running campaign to bring unoccupied and derelict buildings back into the housing stock through Compulsory Purchase Orders (COPs) continues.  We believe we should maximise the buildings we have and not waste resources on building new small flats with no car parking when family homes and pleasant spacious flats can be made by enforcing the law.  This project is overseen by a sub-committee called “buildings at risk”.  We meet several times a year and liaise with the Conservation Office at the Borough Council although they still have not appointed a Conservation Officer.

We are pleased that a Compulsory Purchase Order has succeeded in East Rudham (9.01.12) and that case will now act as a template for good practice in retrieving empty and derelict buildings back into useful occupied life.

A National Scandal

Of England’s three quarters of a million empty homes nearly half of them are long-term empty. That’s enough homes to house a million people. Whilst some homes are empty for transactional reasons (e.g they are being refurbished, are for sale or to let) the rest are to some extent stuck. A significant minority of them have been totally abandoned.

Not only that, these same properties cause huge problems for people who live around them. Empty property attracts petty crime, fly tipping, vandalism and occasionally arson. Areas with high numbers of empty homes can easily fall into a spiral of decline. With fewer customers living nearby, shops and services close leading to further decline.

Ignoring the potential of empty homes to meet housing supply is a costly environmental mistake. Whilst Britain needs more homes, they don’t all have to be built form scratch. Creating them from empty property saves substantial amounts of embodied carbon dioxide over building new houses, and minimises the amount of land used for development. With house building rates at their lowest levels since the 1920s there are few other viable ways of providing housing now anyway.

Empty Homes believes that with unprecedented housing need, and unfolding environmental crises, the waste of empty homes cannot be allowed to continue.

Award for King's Lynn Civic Society

Kings Lynn Civic Society Award for Innovative Campaigning ­ the award recognises the vital work done by Kings Lynn Civic Society in campaigning to get action taken on an issue (housing) of local and national importance.

This was given at the Civic Voice agm  - and for the event we held highlighting empty properties on Civic Day in the summer. All down to Ken Hill whose brilliant idea it was.  Click here for a link to Civic Trust about this award

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