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One of the biggest undertakings King's Lynn Civic Society has tackled in recent years is the development of a 'Local List' for King's Lynn. Originally suggested by the then Borough Conservation Officer, society members have spent several years gathering information about buildings and features of local heritage significance that are not otherwise protected by national legislation.

Local Lists are promoted by Historic England, who have now published a good practice guide setting out how local authorities and other stakeholders can identify and help to manage local heritage assets. You can read more by clicking here.

Our draft King's Lynn Local List has been reviewed by a number of independent heritage experts and over 200 buildings and features have been deemed worthy of inclusion. KLCS is now lobbying the Borough Council to 'adopt' this list as a supplementary planning document for consideration during planning applications and when formulating future urban design policy.

You can read more about the Local List work by KLCS and some of the King's Lynn assets which might be afforded more protection by local listing by clicking here.

If you are interested in this project or think you know of a building or feature of local heritage significance that is under threat in King's Lynn, please write to the Civic Society providing information, preferably with photographs and a location map. It is our view that communities in other towns and parishes across the Borough should also compile a list of their local heritage.

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